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ftp link to WW3 data - Charles Peureux - 2018-10-15

Here is an ftp link to WAVEWATCH III (WW3) wave and currents data

Documentation in README

This folder contains results of a WAVEWATCH III hourly surface waves numerical modelling based on high resolution currents and water levels (1/48°) interpolated from MITgcm llc_4320 currents output, with high resolution ECMWF sea ice fields reanalysis and ECMWF 3 hourly surface winds reanalysis.

ww3.20111127_hs.nc: significant wave height map
ww3.20111127_cur.nc: surface current vector (forcing field)
ww3.20111127_mss.nc: mean square slope (integrated slope spectrum)
ww3.20111127_msd.nc: direction of dominant lean square slope
ww3.20111127_uss.nc: Stokes drift vector
ww3.20111127_wlv.nc: sea surface height
ww3.20111127_wnd.nc: 10-meters above the sea level wind vector
ww3.20111127_ice.nc : sea-surface area fraction covered in sea-ice
ww3.20111127_ice1.nc : effective sea-ice thickness [m]
ww3.20111127_ic5.nc : ice-flow diameter [m]
ww3.20111127_foc.nc : ocean to waves flux

more to come soon, on other grids, longer time range (1 year), etc ...

updates will be provided here

RE: ftp link to WW3 data - Charles Peureux - 2018-12-14

As promised, new datasets will be made available from now.

A 0.25 degrees global outputs are already available at

The surface waves have been forced by ECMWF surface wind speeds, MITgcm 1/12 degree surface currents and water levels and MITgcm 1/12 degree ice fraction and thickness.

The folder
contains various boundary points used for regional grids

RE: ftp link to WW3 data - Charles Peureux - 2019-01-18

New datasets now available :
Fram strait
Gulfstream region
Equatorial Atlantic