L2d products
It is now possible to derive L2d products out of L2b products using the skimulator.
Using the same parameter files as the one to compute L2b, run the following command:

skimul2d [yourparameterfile]

The following keys should be added to the parameter file:

# -----------------------#
# L2D computation
# -----------------------#
# Length resolution to select neighbors (in km):
resol_spatial_l2d = 50
# Temporal resolution to select neighbors (in days):
resol_temporal_l2d = 8
# Grid resolution for l2d (lat, lon) grid (in degrees):
posting_l2d = (0.1, 0.1)
# Time domain: (start_time, end_time, dtime) in days:
time_domain = (5, 25, 1)
# Spatial domain (lon_min, lon_max, lat_min, lat_max):
spatial_domain = [lonmin, lonmax, latmin, latmax]
# List of variables to be interpolated on the grid:
list_input_var_l2d = {'ucur': ['ucur', 'cur', 0], 'vcur': ['vcur', 'cur', 0]}

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