data availability for the Black Sea region
I was thinking on using the Ocean Data Lab - the Ocean Virtual Laboratory in particular - for my research as it would save me a lot of processing and visualization time, however I stumbled upon data availability problem.
My area of interest is the Black Sea and as I started exploring the tool I realized that it is barely covered. I am especially interested in comparing radar and optical data for the Bulgarian, Romanian and Georgian coastal zones, however from what I've seen, only the eastern part of the Adriatic Sea is covered. Actually for the Black Sea I couldn't visualize even the the geostrophic currents.
Is it so that only particular areas are well covered with data and is it planned to extend the data availability to the Black Sea region? Or am I missing some features of the visualization tool?
Thanks a lot in advance!

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data availability for the Black Sea region - by irgan - 2019-12-12T12:48 PM

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