About the GlobCurrent portal
Hi Elizabeth,

The GlobCurrent portal only display data. If you need to download marine current velocity in 4D, I would recommend using the marine Copernicus service (https://resources.marine.copernicus.eu/?...sk=results). Also observation in depth are very scarce as only in-situ profilers and buoys can make these measurements, therefore observation products are at very low resolution. You can have a look at model data instead, They are not always accurate but that can be enough depending on what you want to study.

I think the filtering you are mentioning is just the time span, meaning that only data in the time span window will be displayed. There is not supposed to be any animation there.

You can select your time span and scroll on the calendar, or display a play button with Shift + Y (it appears near the time span button).

You can find some demonstrations on our youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCayVzsP...MxmxHarM9w).

There is also a presentation of OVL projects, which shows different data visualisation portals and examples of use: https://odl.bzh/ovl-overview

I hope it helps

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