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Hi liz_atwood,

Unfortunately, at the moment, we only support imports in a custom JSON-based format (the same one you get when exporting from Syntool).
We'll be adding, in the near future, basic support for importing/exporting KML polygons and GeoJSON support might follow.

The custom JSON-based format supports the WKT format, so if you can convert your GeoJSON file into WKT (using something like, you can then create a file with the following (replace YOUR_WKT_HERE with the WKT you got from your GeoJSON):
  "type": "WKT",
  "wkt": "YOUR_WKT_HERE"

Then you can load this file using the import button in the top bar

.png   Screenshot_2021-04-13_syntool_import-export-buttons.png (Size: 25.6 KB / Downloads: 31)

For more information about the custom JSON-based format you can see:

Would you be so kind as to point me to the documentation and examples you're referencing?

I hope this helps


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