Ingesting simple gridded NetCDF data
Hi Pete,

My bad, in the version available on our website the converter only supports a few matplotlib colormaps, whereas we support all of them in the development version.

If you feel comfortable with using the undocumented, unsupported dev version you can find it in the attachments, otherwise you can use the workaround I suggested in my previous message by including this code in your reader:

import gdal
import numpy as np
import syntool_converter.utils.syntoolformat as stfmt

def load_colormap(name):
    if name.startswith('matplotlib_'):
        _, cmap_name = name.split('_', 1)
        colormap = getattr(, cmap_name)
        nodata_color = (255, 255, 255)
        return colormap, nodata_color
    return stfmt.load_colormap(name)

def format_colortable(name, vmin=0., vmax=1., vmin_pal=0., vmax_pal=1.,
                      index_min=0, index_max=254, index_nodata=255):
    colormap, nodata_color = load_colormap(name)
    norm_min = (vmin - vmin_pal) / float((vmax_pal - vmin_pal))
    norm_max = (vmax - vmin_pal) / float((vmax_pal - vmin_pal))
    ncols = int(index_max) - int(index_min) + 1
    colors = colormap(np.linspace(norm_min, norm_max, num=ncols))
    colors = np.round(colors*255)
    entries = [(int(c[0]), int(c[1]), int(c[2])) for c in colors]
    colortable = gdal.ColorTable()
    for index in range(int(index_min), int(index_max)+1):
        colortable.SetColorEntry(index, entries[index-int(index_min)])
    if index_nodata != None:
        colortable.SetColorEntry(index_nodata, nodata_color)
    return colortable

And then pass 'matplotlib_viridis' as first argument to format_colortable.



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