How do i donwload my request from ODL using CREODIAS?

Unfortunately the Creodias download links we provide in OVL no longer work due to breaking changes on the Creodias services: they deprecated the Creodias finder because a new website is available ( but this new website does not support the functionality that allowed us to provide user-friendly download links in OVL. We are currently discussing with them how we can fix this problem.

In the meantime, here is a procedure to get the download data from the new Creodias website using the OVL links:
  1. In the OVL web portal, select the data you are interested in it should open the contextual menu on the right side of the screen

  2. In the contextual menu, Right click on the "Get data" link and choose "Copy link"

  3. Open in a new tab in you web browser

  4. If you are not logged in on the Creodias website yet, please do so as only registered users are allowed to download data

  5. Paste the link you copied in the first search field (the one that states "Enter full product name...")

  6. Remove all the characters from the beginning of the link up to (and including) the last "=" sign so that only the value of the product identifier remains

  7. Make sure to hit the "~" symbol on the right side of the search field to enable partial name matches

  8. Set the Date range so that it includes the date of the data you are looking for

  9. Hit the Search button at the bottom of the search form, you should get one or several results (data may be available in multiple formats or with different timeliness) that match the satellite acquisition you saw in OVL

  10. Finally, you can select the results you want to get using the checkboxes located on the left side of the results list and click on the Download button, or you can click on the "Product details" button of a specific result to get more information and a download link for this result only

We know that this procedure involves many steps and is far from ideal, this is just a temporary workaround and we will restore the download mechanism as soon as possible to make things easier, sorry for any inconvenience.

Please let us know if you have any problem to access the data using this procedure or if you have any question. We will let you know once the Creodias download links work again in OVL.

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