How to get the simulator

   git clone https://github.com/SWOTsimulator/swotsimulator.git

How to maintain your version of the simulator to get the last stable version

    git checkout master
    git pull origin master

How to get the last version in development 

   git checkout develop
   git pull origin develop

How to download the example data

WARNING: we had to remove the example data from the input_field  directory as we can't (and don't want to) git data that are too large. This data are available under this link: https://swot.jpl.nasa.gov/data/simulator...gedata.zip

Before running the example:
  • click on swotsimulator_largedata.zip to download the data,
  • unzip the downloaded zipped document,
  • copy everything from the unzipped directory into example/input_field directory
Note that you only have to do that once when you clone the git swotsimulator repository. Updating the code by doing a git pull won't modify the example data files.

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