Obtaining data presented in Tables
Hi gabo,

There are several current products available in our portals but since you mention the marine Copernicus service (CMEMS) I will assume you are interested in the products we labelled "Geostrophic surface current" and "Total surface current".

The data we use to produce the representations for these products actually come from CMEMS, so you are on the right track. The data are available as NetCDF files, a well-known binary format which allows you to read matrices of data (numerical values in most cases), I hope this is the kind of format you are looking for.

We process fresh data every day so we get the Near Real Time (NRT) version of these products, but since you want data from several years ago you should probably look for the Delayed Time (DT) version (i.e. files reprocessed after some time to improve the data quality using information that was not available at first).
The DT versions can be found on the CMEMS website:
- "Geostrophic surface current": https://resources.marine.copernicus.eu/?...NS_008_047
- "Total surface current": https://resources.marine.copernicus.eu/?...EP_015_004

You will need an account in order to get access to the download page associated with each of these products. Once you are registered and logged in, clicking on the
.png   2021-01-18-14:46:22_163x56_scrot.png (Size: 5.54 KB / Downloads: 69) button should lead you to a form that allows you to extract data on your area of interest. The website will probably not let you extract and download two years worth of data at once, so you should try with a small time window first and experiment to see how much data you can get with a single download request before reaching the website limits.

Note that using the extraction form is not mandatory, there are alternate means to access the data (e.g. FTP) that will allow you to download files faster, but these files will cover the whole planet, not just the area around Hawaii, so the tradeoff if that you will need to process them in order to keep only the subset you are interested in.

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