import polygon
Hi Ziad,
Thank you for the detailed answer which came quick, much appreciated and very helpful! I had been trying to follow the syntool_developer_manual_2018-10-12.pdf provided me by a colleague who has been working with this tool thus far. I have now been able to upload my multipolygons using the following format for the .json file, in case the example is helpful for other forum users:

    "type": "WKT",
    "text": "1",
    "wkt": "POLYGON((0.2253 5.6419, 0.2252 5.6419, 0.2251 5.6419, 0.225 5.6419, ...))"
    "type": "WKT",
    "text": "2",
    "wkt": "POLYGON((0.3069 5.6422, 0.3068 5.6421, 0.3067 5.6421, ...))"

This uploads fine, although as I keep loading new versions (since I had to test out a few times to get it right) the system starts to complain of duplicates - I can only figure this is referring to those user files already loaded. Is there a way to get an overview of what has been loaded in my local instance and delete those files which I don't need anymore?
Separate but related question, I am also trying to share a link to the instance with my user shape loaded, but simply sharing the link provided by the "share" button isn't working thus far with my colleague - is something like this part of the foreseen functionality of this tool?
Thanks for the help, this would be really useful for our efforts if we can get it to work.

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