lat/lon values
the number '9' does not appear on my browser for either latitude or longitude in both degrees and minutes. This applies when using Firefox and Chrome. I did not reboot my computer
but did restart both browsers.

Thank you for this feedback.

I checked on the OVL portal (
- on Windows 10 with Firefox 89.0
- on Windows 10 with Firefox 90.0.2
- on Windows 10 with Chrome 92.0.4515.107
- on Linux with Firefox 90.0.2
but I could not reproduce the problem you describe.

Could you please tell us a bit more about:
- your operating system
- your version of Firefox ("Help" > "About Firefox" menu item)
- your version of Chrome ("Help" > "About Google Chrome" menu item )
- the URL of the Syntool portal where the problem is occurring
- what is displayed where the '9' should be, is it just a blank space or another character?
Yes, sorry I wasn't more machine and version specific. Mac 10.15.7, Firefox 78.12.Oesr, Chrome 92.0.4515.107. Perhaps it will change with a machine reboot.
-appears as a - (dash)
-seems to be product non-specific
Thank you for the additional information, I found a Firefox support thread talking about a  similar issue:

Maybe you can try to reboot first (the font issue might be caused by a macOS update), and if the '9's are still displayed as dashes after that you can try the procedure described in the support thread.
the mozilla thread is about fonts- which I have had issues with in the past for other types of documents and emails. I will try that and if that doesnt work,
then restart my Mac or restart the mac first. something will likely work. thanks alot

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